Under the direction of award winning choreographer CJay Philip, Dance & Bmore expands the concept of concert dance allowing dancers, poets, singers, and musicians to cohabitate the stage in dramatic and invigorating expressions that inform, engage and elevate dance both for the audience and the artists.

Below is a sample of Dance & Bmore performance-based projects as told from the perspective of Director CJay Philip.

FazaFam Band

Voices of Carmen

FazaFam logo color

Family Strengthening Program

All The Way Live CD

All The Way Live

Music and Movement 7

Elders Arts Program

Voices and Choices 1

Voices & Choices

Directing Youth in Baltimore 7

Theater for Young Audiences

Dance and Bmore Repertoire 2

Dance & Bmore Repertoire

Dance and Bmore Forever Fit and Fun Club

Artist Within Project