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One of the best things about the kind of work we do is the people we meet. They come with their own set of experiences and stories and once we meet, we share an experience and have a new story to tell. Some are one time encounters and others became part of our creative community of family and friends. No matter how long or short our paths connect the people we meet have and will always be the best part of our art.






Kimberly Young

Dance and BMore’s FazaFam program is an original concept that makes it super easy for parents and kids to workout together. As an organization that focuses on helping kids and parents cook healthier, FazaFam, is our number one partner to bring the fun shake-your-body movement into the kitchen. Their dancers have a unique ability to motivate kids and parents to engage in healthy movement together. It’s amazing to see how they bring out child-like energy in parents that haven’t worked out in years and inspire kids to extend their culinary creativity into fun physical activity.

– Kimberly Young, Founder, Healthy Little Cooks


Dance & Bmore has provided “Family Engagement” for our Peace Camp, several summers now, and it truly makes a difference in our program. Having a space where our families can be active, have fun, and encourage each other has become one of the most uplifting parts of our summer– our families look forward to this each year! The atmosphere that CJay and her staff create is always empowering and energizing! Thank you–we could not (and would not want to) imagine our summers without you!

– Nawal Rajeh, Founder, Peace Camp


I feel that Dance & Bmore is very unique. I have never participated in an event where you experience such freedom of expression without being concerned about on-lookers. Sometimes people shy away from events because they fear on-lookers. However, with Dance & Bmore you are so involved in the excitement of the music, dance, and instruments that you tune out all else around you. I have even heard one of my residents inviting a fellow resident because of her personal excitement.

Thank you for the time of expression.

– Ruth Royster, Activies Director, Linden Park Apartments for Senior Citizens

Love the FazaFam program. 

What a great way to bring people together 

and build the types of family rituals 

that make lasting connections.  

Thanks FazaFam!

– Scott Davis

Center for Urban Families

Couples Advancing Together Program