Dance & Bmore company

About The Company:

Dance & Bmore is a diverse ensemble of singers, dancers, poets and musicians with captivating performance styles that range from playful to profound. Through a dynamic and eclectic fusion of contemporary dance, original live music, vocals and spoken word, D.A.B. has created a rich and engaging body of work.

CJay Phlip

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Dance & Bmore Ensemble

  • CJay Philip (Singer/Dancer/Poet)
  • Everlea McGrath (Dancer/Singer)
  • DeMerris Johnson (Singer/Poet)
  • Yvette Davis (Dancer)
  • Melissa Brown (Dancer)
  • Cirron Greenidge (Dancer)
  • Faith Bender (Dancer)
  • Vinnie Adams  (Percussionist/Singer/Dancer)
  • Winston Philip (Keys)
  • Lauren Waters (Dancer)
  • Emily Minter (Dancer)
  • Morgan Thomas (Dancer)
  • Julia Piper (Dancer)
  • Grace Cassar (Dancer)

Dance & Bmore Teaching Artist Team

  • Everlea McGrath (Director of Health and Fitness)
  • Jessica Hutchinson
  • Cynthia Davis
  • Melissa Brown
  • DeMerris Johnson
  • Amy Lim
  • Krystal Yizar
  • Sahffi Lynne
  • Vinnie Adams
  • Lauren Erazo
  • Faith Bender
  • Mellisa Mauldin
  • Cirron Greenidge
  • Emily Minter
  • Lindsay Chestnut
  • Devin Shacklett
  • Teresa Smith
  • Amadou Kouyate
  • Nicole Johnson
  • Sarah Ann Hewitt
  • Beth Bender
  • Jennifer Avery
  • Alayna Baron
  • Julia Piper
  • Elisa Meyer
  • Grace Cassar

Guest Artists

  • Paul Denis (Jose Limón)
  • Paul Saddler (Philadanco)
  • Zalika Warren (Dance Theatre of Harlem)
  • Kelvin Hardy (Philadanco, Sound in Motion)
  • Cir-ron (Michael Mao)

Interested in teaching Dance & Bmore programs?

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