The Birth: exploring the idea of a second birth. When is your creativity born? How is it nurtured and does it relate to community, conflict and loss. Company Debut 2011.

All the Way Live: All the Way Live is a dynamic fusion of contemporary dance, live music, vocals, and spoken-word that invite audiences to participate and celebrate life.

Seasons of Change: During the height of the pandemic in 2021, the Dance & Bmore Ensemble collaborated virtually with elder artists to create Seasons of Change. Seasons of Change is a fusion of spoken word, dance, rhythm, and song reflecting on changing seasons of life and revelations and wisdom gained as you move through your learning journey.

Be More or Less: takes a painfully honest look at body image, personal examination, and ownership.

We Need You: was inspired by a new play premiered at Centerstage and highlights the desire for the father figures or our lives at every stage of our own feminine evolution and/or revolution.

The piece 5 Minutes: originally done in 2007 was set on Dance & Bmore for their debut concert May 2011

Voices & Choices premiered May of 2012 and continues evolve. Originally a structure improve piece paring poets with dancers who would embody their spoken word. I continued to discuss and explore with the company the voices that we each have in our own heads that influence the choices we make every day.